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Electair Exports Ltd can help you with:

Building non standard bespoke control panels for swimming pool contractors
Control panels which meet Amendment 3 requirements
Pump control
Swimming pool and spa heating controls
Spa control systems
Air switch switching specialist for over 35 years
Level control systems
Water feature controls
Crouzet M3 & EM4 Mini PLC programming
Swimming pool to BMS interface controls
Swimming pool and spa energy saving systems
Supply of load shed electric heaters for swimming pools and spas
Silent run on level deck systems for energy saving and tranquillity on level deck systems

Electair Exports Ltd started as an export name of Bubbling Spas Ltd in 1979 to sell air switch systems and spa controls to USA customers. The Bubbling Spas name was sold and Electair Exports Ltd then became the main company. Later, the UK control business that was in Bubbling Spa was bought back and absorbed into Electair Exports Ltd..

Swimming pool control panels


In the unlikely event of a complaint we will do everything we can to satisfactorily resolve it if we are at fault or not, providing the control was installed to the manufactures instructions by an approved engineer.  (Approved engineer is SPATA approved ISPE registered installer or Part P registered electrician in asocation with a qualified swimming pool engineer or registered Electair approved installer.)  A copy of the electrical test certificate should be sent to Electair with the site address.

Minor faults are the responsibility of the installer to fix.  We will provide all spare parts.

It is very rare for a system be faulty but occasionally indicator lamps can fail and time switches not work.  Incorrect temperature reading are usually the sensor not being pushed to the bottom of the pocket.

Repair Procedure:  First telephone Electair on 01243 842888 and confirm by email to  Please include an image if it is 'in transit' damage or something scratched.  For technical faults, we will make an appointment for an electronic meeting with your installer using Facetime or the like if connection is available, as this is the quickest way to resolve problems.   If we are found to be at fault we will pay your engineer's time providing he has an agreement on his charges before he visits site.

If the unit under complaint has not been installed correctly or undersized cables used for the supply or incorrectly specified for the job and we visit site, this will be chargeable.

We have been in business over 30 years and have never had outstanding issues .

Please note it is easiest to use our order form so that you get the correct control system with any extras.

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